Sales is Creative - Sales is People


Business today is supercharged by big data. New technologies are coming online almost faster than we can learn them in the enterprise world. This is creating all sorts of complexity, and sometimes confusion.

In the sales world, there’s an elaborate focus on whiz-bang deal-making pipeline machines that sometimes takes away from the inherent natural power of good salesmanship.

At its core, sales is still about people.

It’s also about passion. It’s about believing in yourself and bringing a creative approach to a problem.

You’ll hear people who lack the skills say that something is “unrealistic” or “just impossible,” without ever really testing its boundaries. It’s human nature, after all, to say that something is impossible simply because you’ve never done it or seen it done. Sadly, rather than using a ‘laboratory’ approach to figuring out what works, quite a lot of folks would rather just assume the status quo is the only way. These defeatist approaches keep millions from recognizing their true potential and inhibit the innovation that has to happen to bring sales to the next level.

For example, you’ll see this idea brought forth on Twitter by a few of those intrepid individuals who have blazed their own path in today’s IT-driven business world – yes, it’s good to know about funnels and data visualization and stuff, but you also have to know about people!

Ben Buckwalter has sold millions of dollars in various industries through groundbreaking techniques that he’s put into the Infinity Sales Method™ – a tried-and-true way to target the creative power of sales, and recognize your own potential as a dealmaker, innovator and entrepreneur.

Components of this approach include a high-performance sales mindset, relationship building industries, lead generation tools, and some techniques that riff on the age-old art of cold calling.

In fact, cold calling is an excellent example of the people principle that’s behind this methodology. No matter how many technologies you dress up your process with, you are still engaged in the core cold calling practice, and principles still apply to the problems that have to be solved.

How will you choose to approach your business potential? Will you only lean on technology, or will you also unlock your creative side, to bring your sales practice to a place where you can hit critical mass and jumpstart your career?

Dig deeper into our website to check out how Ben Buckwalter did this for himself and how he can help you. Learn more about our method and how it works in the context of big business today.