Sales are the key to exponential growth.

So when your sales team isn’t showing up, meeting their numbers, or growing the
lifetime value of your clients — the business can’t scale the way you want it to.

That’s where I come in.


I’m Ben Buckwalter, and I’ve spent my entire adult life mastering the sales process.

After selling millions upon millions of dollars in programs and products, across multiple niches from the agrochemical market to digital marketing, I’ve developed a proprietary sales system that increases the performance and profitability of sales teams.

Now, I’m consulting directly with companies and corporations (like yours!) to train your team personally, making this system accessible and easy-to-implement (even for your   salespeople who struggle to meet their numbers month after month).

Introducing the Infinity Sales Method™.

Imagine reviewing your next quarter’s revenues, after your sales team was trained in and implemented the Infinity Sales Method, you find a 34% increase (like Bayer did) or you discover that your profitability more than doubled because you 5x’ed the lifetime value of your average client.

This is something my clients are creating every day with the Infinity Sales Method™, and now I can consult with and train your sales team too.

Consulting Topics


Powerful Techniques For Sales, Influence & Persuasion


High Performance Sales Mindset


Instant Rapport & Relationship Building


How to Create Unlimited Leads & Consistently Close


The Art of Cold Calling & Creating Urgency


Building a Powerhouse Sales Team

I train sales teams within Fortune 500 companies and international
businesses to become world-class closers and consistently create
relationships that increase profit and market share.


Legendary Success Stories From
Ben’s Clients and Students

Ben Buckwalter has been an incredible mentor. Within the first 90 days of working with him I was able to profit an additional 81k in my business. He mapped out and coached me on what exactly I needed to do so I can close sales predictably and consistently...
Ben blew my expectations out of the water and over delivered tremendously. I’m now reconsidering finishing college (don’t tell my parents lol) because I’m on pace to be at 17k-20k a month by my 19th birthday. I came into his coaching program with ZERO...
I have been a chiropractor for 17 years and due to the competitiveness in my space had seen a decline in new appointments for the past 2 years. I attended Ben’s seminar and decided to give it a shot. Ben came in and plugged the leaks in my sales process...
Ben’s teachings work! He is a great resource on proven strategies to increase your sales and closing rates! His teaching go deep and I have clarity on my entire sales process and know exactly what to do on each stage of the deal. I used to feel like sales...
Before working with Ben I really struggled with how to structure my offer and how to close leads effectively. I had been doing paid advertising for awhile but I could barely turn any of the online leads into paying customers. I thought I had a lead quality problem...
I have really enjoyed learning from Ben. His authentic sales approach is unique and smart and unlike any other training I’ve taken. Within days of working with him I had a custom-tailored sales framework that really leveraged my natural strengths...



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