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This word haunted me growing up…
Until I conquered it.

I was 18 when I walked into my new job at a call center that sold insurance.

The interior was ugly. My new bosses wore cheap, ill fitting suits. My new co-workers looked rough and worn out.

At least it was indoors and air conditioned (I had just quit my job shoveling dirt all day—in the HOT sun—for a measly $9/hr).

I had never cold called before.

Growing up in a small town in Illinois, people embraced living by the status quo.

Live Frugal. Pinch pennies. Save for retirement.

I was surrounded by “money is the root of all evil” types, with a deep resentment towards wealth.

I hated it. It didn’t make any sense to me.

I wanted to be a millionaire. By 30.

At school my grades were average. I had severe ADHD, and when I figured out 75% of high school is memorization—I couldn’t do it.

One day in school I asked my teacher, “When do they teach you what to do if you want to own a business? Or be President one day? When do they start teaching us how to do that stuff?”

The teacher looked surprised and said, “Well, that’s not realistic Ben. They’re not going to teach you that. You’ve got to be realistic.”

And my deep disdain for that
word — “realistic” — was ignited.

So here I was, walking into my first cold calling job. The first hour the calls go as expected. Hang ups. No’s. And a few people cussing me out for calling.

My co-workers hated all the rejection.

But to my surprise — it didn’t bother me! And I was able to naturally shift the conversations, keep people on the phone longer, and then it happened…

I cold called another person. I talked them through their objections, and they changed their mind. They were seeing the value — how their lives would be better if they bought.

They said, “Yes!”

It hit me right then and there. That “Yes!” meant more money was going to be added to my paycheck. My next thought was, “I can do this ALL day!”

Shoveling dirt didn’t have any reward for shoveling more or faster. Selling did!

That’s the day my love affair (and obsession) with sales was born!

(Side Note: I still hold sales records there, 8 years later!)

After that job, I sold my way to six figures and 800,000 followers on social media. Then I made even more money in direct sales.

Four years ago, I had a burning desire to share my success and make a bigger impact with the world, so I launched my own marketing agency helping others dominate digital marketing. I needed clients so I hit the telephone and cold called my way to 6 figures worth of recurring clients a month in just 120 days. 

The best part? Most of those early clients are still our clients today. With the help of our marketing strategies these clients have went on to achieve their own business goals and dreams.


My job at that call center showed me that my school teacher was wrong. There was nothing realistic about an 18 year old becoming the sales record holder for an entire company or a 25 year old becoming a millionaire.

I’ve learned that being realistic is a sell out of your potential. Realistic means, “lower your life standards and ambitions.”

Today, I’m out to help people stop thinking they have to “be realistic” by showing them that when you master sales and marketing, you master your possibilities.

And I won’t take no for an answer.

Ben Buckwalter is an award winning sales strategist and serial entrepreneur working with business owners, law firms, companies, and corporations to master their marketing and selling process so they can consistently magnetize ideal prospects and scale exponentially using the Infinity Sales Method™, NeuroSales™, & Law Pro Nation’s Case Attraction System™.

Ben’s consulting and genius is trusted by global brands and America’s largest firms. He uses over 8 years of experience in leadership, communication, and digital marketing to discover and leverage the untapped sales and marketing potential within each company to create endless leads and increase the lifetime value of each client.

Ben’s clients have seen epic results, such as generating thousands of new leads and customers, getting 400+ million video views, experiencing over 300% ROI, and increasing their sales numbers so significantly, that his clients keep coming back again and again for more of Ben’s one-of-a-kind sales philosophy and guidance.

His genius has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, Foundr, Forbes, Future Sharks, YFS Magazine, and more.

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