spreading sales mastery
to your audience

Have an audience in need of a sales
or lead generation upgrade?

Want your special tribe to gain the #1 income creation skill, the RIGHT tools that work TODAY, allowing them to achieve lifelong financial freedom and the ability to stop trading time for money?

Ben knows how it feels to have no mentors, to struggle with trial and error in sales and internet marketing, and to be alone… it sucks.

He’s been where many are- stressed out, overworked, and hanging on by a thread.

That’s why he wants to help and teach other people the exact blueprint to be successful over and over again in sales and digital marketing.

Ben has spoken on countless stages and he’s ready to share his wisdom and millionaire making sales process with the right crowd, whether that’s through podcasts, stages, or intimate events.

Past Speaking Topics

  • Powerful Techniques For Sales, Influence & Persuasion
  • High Performance Sales Mindset
  • Instant Rapport & Relationship Building
  • How to Create Unlimited Leads & Consistently Close
  • The Art of Cold Calling & Creating Urgency
  • How To Identify A Profitable Target Niche
  • Overcoming Objections Instantly
  • The Neuroscience Of Sales
  • Building a Powerhouse Sales Team

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