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Group Coaching

Join Ben’s inner circle with a group of like minded peers to systematically master YOUR sales and lead generation, so you can finally achieve the money, life, and freedom you’ve always dreamed of. You will also gain access to Ben’s digital training products. These group coaching sessions are LIVE and Personalized, so you receive the specific upgrades you and your business require.

The Ultimate
Sales Machine:

Ben’s digital courses lay the groundwork for the exact and effortless sales system that got him to his first million dollars and beyond. You’ll receive one of the most comprehensive sales systems out there, from cold messaging to closing, so you’ll never have to lose a sale, or a lead, EVER AGAIN.

One on One Coaching

Want to become the absolute best salesperson in your industry? Perhaps you feel like your company is stuck in a rut and you’d like to breakthrough all limitations and scale up faster than you ever thought possible…

Join me in a personalized, one on one FULL YEAR coaching immersion program, where you’ll be given the white glove treatment to upgrade and evolve into your most persuasive self, not to mention you’ll absorb every lead generation and digital marketing skill I have (the same ones that got me to win the Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club Award 6 months after joining for processing 2 million in sales).

This program was created so you can let go of every excuse not to live your BEST LIFE YET.